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Rebar Steel Detailing

        IsoMatrix can provide fully detailed reinforcement drawings, Coordinated Models, reports and bending schedules for any concrete structure, which can be easily followed by the factory teams or on-site teams. We can also furnish the electronic files which are used in the bar bending processes.

        Ultimately, our clients utilize significant resources to get more business, shorten the construction cycle, focus on their core competencies, reduce costs and generate more revenue. Structural Steel detailing and Rebar detailing are the most complex and most important part of any structural projects. Both phases play important role in building construction. Necessity of building stability has grown importance of structural Steel detailing and Rebar detailing in construction industry.

      IsoMatix is a Civil Engineering Company in India. We provide innovative & cost effective solutions to the clients that streamline operations and increase productivity. We are always working to improve services offered, to promote customer pride.