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Miscellaneous Steel Detailing

Our team of highly skilled experts have delivered detailed quality drawing for any miscellaneous item. We specialize in Stair, Ladder, Handrail steel detailing. Isomatrix offers services in industrial, commercial, architectural and miscellaneous steel detailing, custom tailored to each project’s needs. We strive to produce a high quality product with accuracy in a punctual manner by using state of the art technology, equipment, and remaining in constant communication with our customers. By using cutting edge technology we are able to provide unparalleled detailing services for all sizes of miscellaneous project.

We specially provide in Miscellaneous

  • Stair Tower, Circular Stairs

  • Handrail, Wall-rail, Guardrail, Ramp-rail

  • Ladder, Cage ladder

  • Grating

  • Dumpsters gate, Trash enclosure gate

  • Bollards

  • RTU framing, Roof hatches